August 1, 2014


Chill Out With a Medible

Chilled out days, long hot summer nights, that’s what we live for and now that marijuana has been legalized in so many places, our lives are much more relaxed and full of peace and love.  That legalization has produced a brand new industry, one that I snow perfectly legal although some of us have been doing it for years – marijuana infused foods – better known as medibles.

There are a few reasons why people eat these medibles – for those who have marijuana prescribed for a health condition, it’s the easiest way to get their health benefits. For me and my community, it’s a great way to achieve a high without being obvious.

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July 30, 2014


Marijuana is the Answer to World Health and Happiness

The world is split in two – those who are for marijuana and those who are against it. Those against claim its worse than cocaine or heroin, they say it destroys lives but we know different. We know that marijuana can make the world a happier and healthier place to live. Want to know how?

It helps to ease and treat a number of medical conditions

It’s been proven, time and time again, that marijuana is good for the health. Studies show it stops seizures in their tracks; it’s been proved to help with the side effects of chemotherapy and even to send certain forms of cancer into remission.  It increases the appetite in HIV sufferers and those with other conditions that cause their appetite to disappear.

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August 11, 2014


Getting On Board on Medicinal Cannabis

There’s a lot of talk and controversy about medicinal marijuana. On top of this, there is a disjoint between the Federal government and the states which has legalized marijuana use. It’s a simple premise. What it all boils down to is that the Federal government said that they are hands off when it comes to how the states implement their laws regarding marijuana use. As far as the Federal government is concerned, using it is a Federal offense. In contrast, some states have implemented laws stating that marijuana for medicinal use should be allowed.

The disjoint has somehow made it a Federal offense when you get caught for possession, while inside a state where cannabis use is illegal. If you go to Colorado, and get your medication there, you cannot bring your stash of weed back to your home state, if it does not allow that kind of thing.

This is a funny business, full of funny businesses. First off, there are some topics which are out of bounds. Taking a look at the age of today’s crop of politicians, you can be pretty sure that a lot of them have used marijuana while they were in high school or in college. Let’s not name names. If they don’t want to admit it, that’s their problem. It is not the concern of the citizens who voted for these people in power if they did or did not use marijuana thirty, or forty years ago.

The point about marijuana as a medicinal drug is simple. It can be cheap medicine, easily accessible, and it is not addictive. Or at least it is not as addictive as some prescription anti-pain drugs, or even morphine, which is still used in hospitals.

It is now accessible online as well, which is good for those who can’t get to a Portland dispensary, to get their prescription. There are a lot more powerful drugs which are available online.

There are a lot of reasons why marijuana should be removed from the dangerous drugs list. There are a lot of reasons to decriminalize cannabis use. However, it would take a long time before politicians understand that these are simple things and there is no need to make things harder or complex. This is one drug that has been used for countless centuries.

August 8, 2014


Cannabis and the Hippie Lifestyle

Cannabis has always been associated with the hippie culture. But it’s not everything there is. Hippiedom is also about the peace movement, mind-altering adventures, colorful music, interesting fashion, and free love. In fact, various communities have taken their cues from the hippie culture in terms of more serious things in life – although being serious is a far fetch idea in our world, fun is.

If you examine the way we live our lives, however, you will discover that there is sense in our expression. There is point in our idea of fun – from our take on marijuana to our stylish trends to our ecological movements. Let’s go over them one by one.

Magical, Medical Marijuana

Let’s start with the hippie’s connection to cannabis. Back in those days, we feel groovy after smoking pot. Man, we still do today. But did you ever expected that our little experiment with hallucinogens will take marijuana this far – legalized in some parts of America as an alternative medicine with many learning how to open a dispensary?

Glory Days of Music

Another hippie connection you cannot possibly turn down is the rock culture we have cultivated through the years. Don’t you just love The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Janis Joplin up to this day?

What Filthy? Stylish It Is!

If letting the hair down has never been an idea of stylish elegance in various parts of the world, we would not dare insist that the hippie culture has influenced some people’s fashion sense. But it has and it is still “in” this 21st century. A head scarf has been quite useful to hide away receding hairlines, tie die shirts never died, wearing hearts on the sleeves and even in front of the shirt is already a lifestyle. Hippie style is indeed everywhere.

Peace-Loving, Fun-Loving, Eco-Friendly

Hippie culture goes beyond just the style and the adventures. It is also about some principles that seek to change the world at one point or another. Most hippies are vegans. We also believe and actually participate in the green movement. We also figure in volunteer work. Yes, we have our own language and our own idea of cool. That does not mean we cannot possibly make a stand against anti-life things. We have been working hard on that all our lives.

August 1, 2014


5 Ways to Bring About World Peace

The world used to be such a peaceful place. There was the odd war, the odd stabbing or the odd shot fired. Life was happy, people loved each other and a quick toke solved any problem. These days, walk down almost any street and you feel unsafe. Turn on any TV or open any paper and you could be forgiven for believing that World War III has broken out.

That’s got me to thinking about how to save the world from itself, how to bring about peace and I’ve come to the conclusion that we can do it. My plan is a little on the radical side maybe but it’ll work.

Number One – Legalize marijuana across the whole world

Can you imagine what that would do the world? If everyone was allowed to smoke marijuana legally, the world would be a far out, laid back place to be. No arguments, no chaos, no shootings or dropping bombs on each other. We would all be more mellow and happy.

Number 2 – Get rid of organized religion

Whoa, I’ll probably get shot down in flames for saying that but think about it – virtually all wars are started in the name of religion. There will always be an element of non-believers or those who have their own take on the bible, God, or whatever you want to believe in but if you banned organized religion, well the wars would stop because there wouldn’t be anything to fight about.

Number 3 – Get rid of money

They say money is the root of all evil. Get rid of it and there wouldn’t be any evil, right? No more robberies, no more wars, no more Civil Rights movements and all that other good stuff that’s caused by money.

Number 4 – Create something we all need and that won’t run out

Food, water, shelter – the three main concerns that everybody has.  Create a solution that never ends and the whole world will be a happier place.  Not sure what yet but I’ll think of it sometime, another day.

Number 5 – Take power away from the governments

Some of it anyway. Let’s face it; it’s the world governments that cause the most upset. It doesn’t matter what they do, what they say, what laws they pass, it isn’t going to please everyone. We all have our own thoughts and feelings on things so take some of the power and the control away from the governments and we’ll all be happier with easier lives.

Let’s face it, the world isn’t happy, neither are the people not like we were in the 60’s, in the times of free love and peaceful days. Some say the hippies were just drugged up idiots, a bad example to the youth of today. Hah! Like we could possibly set any worse an example. At least we were happy, we didn’t start fights, we didn’t go around stabbing or shooting each other. We didn’t dare each other to do stupid things and we certainly didn’t cause the trouble in the world today.